Pastor David P. Stokes - Lead Pastor

Pastor David Stokes was born in Toledo Ohio, raised in Kentucky until he was about 17 years old when his family relocated back to Bowling Green, Ohio. Pastor David Stokes was saved on October first, 1992. Right away he felt the call of God on his life. He soon became an Assistant Pastor with the Pentecostal Church of God in Findlay, OH. There he ministered for two years in that position. Then, he became a Lead Pastor with the Pentecostal Church of God for one year, then left the Pentecostal church. Pastor David did not give up ministering and would do so wherever he could.

In 2004, Pastor Stokes met his wife Christie Stokes, and they were soon married Pastor Stokes became a truck driver and he started ministering the truck drivers all over the country. He was able to see many truck drivers get saved and delivered over the course of that ministry.

In 2012 in his home, he started Friendship Gospel Church where he was feeding about 30 people every Thursday night and preached the word of God for around two years. He watched the hand of God move mightily through that ministry. That ministry closed but it never discouraged him. Pastor Stokes went back to driving a truck and ministering to truck drivers from 2014 to 2017.

In August of 2017, he had a stroke while driving. He thought God was done with him and that he couldn't be in ministry again and he was through, and God couldn't use him. He was wrong. A close friend invited him to go to Cedar Creek church where he learned how to operate cameras and lights which for him that was exciting. He joined the Sparkle Team whose job is to clean the church. It gave him a chance to pray over every square inch of the children's area and the teaching areas of the church. In June of 2021 Pastor Stokes was introduced to Pastor Osborne through a mutual friend, Michael Bailey. Pastor Stokes asked Pastor Osborne if he would like him to come down and preach sometime.

Pastor Stokes preached a service on October 31st, 2021, in Allensville, Kentucky. Pastor Stokes was asked that day to be involved in a church plant in Indianapolis, Indiana. He accepted not knowing that that church plant wasn't going to be in Indianapolis. Eventually, it was decided that the church plant was going to be in Ohio and Pastor Stokes was going to be the Lead Pastor. A building in Toledo, Ohio was purchased and now there is one church with two locations.